MacSith Tour

Due to the overwhelming demand and popularity of “MacSith”, we will soon be taking our show on the road!

Current Tour Dates:

Alma College-Alma Con (Alma, MI) — February 6th

Purchase tickets by calling the box office at 989.463.7304

City Lit Theater (Chicago, IL) — March 20th 

Purchase tickets here!


Do you have a school or event that you would like to bring “MacSith” to? Please email Orion Couling at for more information and details on how we can bring this incredible show directly to you!


Shakespeare goes sci-fi in MacSith, a dynamic combination of “The Scottish Play” and Star Wars*. With the planet of Cumber finally at peace, Mon Beth returns home to celebrate his army’s triumph against the Weyan Invaders. Soon, however, he encounters a sinister prophecy: Against all odds and his low station, Mon Beth will one day become King of Cumber. Driven by this prediction and by his wife’s insatiable lust for power, Mon Beth puts all his might into taking the throne … no matter the cost. Neither parody nor farce, this Star Wars/Shakespeare mash-up is a heart-pounding, full-throttle, 70-minute drama with fight choreography by professional fight director Orion Couling. Light-sabers hiss and snap during this inventive and ever-powerful tragedy.


Read our official Press Release from our 2015 run in Chicago!





Reviews From This Year’s Performance

Around The Town Chicago

“This was Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” like I’d never seen it before: hyper-intimate, terrifyingly dark, and surprisingly redemptive.”



“Who needs a dagger when you have a light saber? And who needs a light saber when you have the force? […] Orion Couling’s pageant of stage combat techniques for E.D.G.E. Theatre trims aMacbeth, laced with Star Wars jargon, to just over an hour.”


Geeks A Gogo

“Whether you’re a nerd who read too many books, a geek who watched too many movies, or a parent who wants to make the classics fun for their child—you should see this play.”


You & Me This Morning

Check out this exciting video of our amazing cast and director promoting “MacSith” on WCIU-the U, You & Me This Morning!


Geek Bar

Features a review of the “May the Fourth” party co-hosted by Geek Bar and the cast of “MacSith”!


Being Geek Chic

Features “MacSith” and a pre-show interview with Lexi Saunders (Lady Monbeth) – named Lady Geek of the Week.

“Living in a sci-fi world, she’s clever, viciously cunning, and can scheme like no other. Well, her character can, anyway.”


The Columbia Chronicle

Features “MacSith” and a pre-show interview with Orion Couling (director), Miquela Cruz (The Master) & John Mobley (The Master).


Chicago Sun-Times

Featured MacSith as “a thing to do” in their Entertainment Section!

Reviews From Last Year’s Performance

Chicago Stage Standard

“This blending of Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” with the “Star Wars” universe works surprisingly well. E.D.G.E. Theatre […] has put the film series’ odd mix of high-tech and rusticity to good use in a well-staged black-box production.”

Chicago Literati

“This acting in this show by professional and youth actors alike, is dialed so tight, the cuts for movement and other adaptations of the original script so right on, that the full force of the tragedy hits the audience hard.”

“Fans of Star Wars or Macbeth, both or neither, should go see this play. The show is a true roller coaster of action and emotion that flies along a very sturdy track. All the elements of the illusion of theater are working together at a high level here. It’s one hell of a ride.”

Red Eye

“”MacSith” succeeds admirably in making Shakespeare’s play work as well with light sabers and Mandalorian bounty hunters as any traditional telling has.”

“[A] strength of “MacSith” is the cinematic feel of the production. Even though the stage is sparse at times and leaves much of the details to the audience’s imagination, the actors make good use of their props and the production’s sound design to give it a big-budget feel. The light saber battles are very well choreographed and they even use the blades to create some cool lighting effects.”


*E.D.G.E. is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Lucasfilm Limited or any of its subsidiaries, employees, or associates. E.D.G.E. offers no suggestion that the work presented in its original work MacSith is “official” or produced or sanctioned by the owner or any licensees of the aforementioned trademarks. E.D.G.E. will take all steps necessary to ensure that any usage of trademarked items in no way confuses the audience of this play as to its origin. E.D.G.E. makes no claim to own Star Wars or any of the copyrights or trademarks related to it.